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  • How to fix your Blind Breakaway Safety Chain

    For Health and Safety regulations nowadays, if you have a holiday let or for contract purposes a Breakaway Chain must be supplied. The video below shows how you can easily pop it back in should the blind chain be pulled very suddenly and it breaks away.

  • How to Fix a Roman Blind child safety clip

    For health and safety reasons nowadays, Roman Blinds are fitted with breakaway clips. Here our fitter John shows how to clip in the little toggle at the back of a Roman Blind if the child safety clip comes out.

  • Curtain Heading Types: How to choose the right one for your interior

    Choosing the right curtain heading can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your living space. From the graceful waves of the modern Wave heading to the timeless style of Pencil Pleat, each style brings its unique charm. In this guide, we'll explore popular curtain heading types—Wave, Pencil Pleat, Double Pinch, Triple Pinch, 6 Inch Pencil Pleat, and Eyelets—and help you discover the perfect fit for your home. In this blog we will explore the 6 most popular curtain headings. Wave Heading: Sleek Elegance The Wave heading offers a modern and sleek appearance. Known for its uniform, continuous wave-like folds, this style is perfect for contemporary interiors. The fabric drapes effortlessly, creating a minimalist and sophisticated look. The curtain stacks back nice and tight and neat which is perfect if you are wanting uniformity or have a smaller space for your stack back. Wave depths are available in 80mm or 60mm, but 80mm is the usual. 2. Pencil Pleat: Timeless Tradition Pencil Pleat is a classic heading style that never goes out of fashion. Characterised by tightly gathered folds, this traditional look suits various interior styles. The usual standard choice for curtain headings, it's a versatile choice that adds a touch of timeless elegance to any room. 3. 6 Inch Pencil Pleat: Contemporary Classic A modern twist on the traditional Pencil Pleat, the 6 Inch Pencil Pleat offers a wider, more relaxed gathering with a longer pleat heading. This style strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, providing a fresh and updated look. 4. Double Pinch: Dimensional Drama For those seeking a more traditional, textured and detailed look, the Double Pinch heading is an excellent choice. With two pleats gathered closely together, this style adds depth and dimension to your curtains, creating a visually appealing focal point. It can look great in the right setting for Georgian style houses or houses with high ceilings/floor length curtains or more traditional interiors with lustrous curtain fabric. 5. Triple Pinch: Opulent Sophistication Elevate your decor with the opulence of Triple Pinch heading. Featuring three closely spaced pleats, this style exudes sophistication and grandeur. Ideal for formal spaces, Triple Pinch adds a touch of luxury to your windows. Bear in mind that triple pinch headings require more fabric so this will add on a bit extra to your made to measure curtain price. This style of heading is also puffier and the stack back will be more full, so less suitable where stack back space is limited. 6. Eyelets: Effortless Chic Eyelet curtains are defined by the metal rings punched into the fabric. This contemporary heading type offers a clean and uncluttered appearance, making it an excellent choice for a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Eyelets stack back neatly like the wave heading type and are particularly popular for modern children's bedrooms or modern lounges. These are not the only heading styles to choose from, but these are the most popular styles. More recently the Swiss Pleat heading has become more popular for voiles and sheers for a minimal and clean look. Goblet headings also have their charm but are usually wanted for very traditional style curtains in stiffer fabrics. The curtain heading you choose can transform your space, reflecting your personal style and enhancing the overall ambiance. Consider the architectural features, decor theme, and your desired atmosphere when selecting the perfect heading type. Whether you opt for the timeless tradition of Pencil Pleat or the modern allure of Wave, each heading type brings its own unique character to your home, making every room a reflection of your style and taste.

  • Why choose Interlining for your Curtains or Blinds?

    Welcome to our little corner of Falmouth, your go-to made to measure blinds and curtains shop in Cornwall! At Cornish Curtains we understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting home, especially during the cold months. Thats why today, we want to shed some light on a crucial element in your window treatments: interlining. Specifically, we'll be exploring the benefits of bump interlining and how it can keep your heating costs down while enhancing the drape of your curtains and the beauty of your space. First things first, why should you consider custom-made curtains? Well, when you opt for custom window treatments, you're not only investing in the aesthetics of your home but also ensuring a perfect fit, superior quality and a product made specifically for your requirements. Our local curtain shop in Falmouth takes pride in offering tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs and style preferences. The Importance of Interlining Interlining is the hidden hero behind your curtains and blinds. It's the layer between the decorative fabric and the lining, and its primary function is to enhance the performance and appearance of your window treatments. Interlining plays a pivotal role in insulation, light control, and longevity, making it a crucial choice for every homeowner. Bump Interlining: Your Ultimate Thermal Barrier When it comes to interlining, bump interlining stands out for its exceptional thermal properties. As a proud provider of high-quality drapery fabrics in Cornwall, we recommend bump interlining to our customers looking to make their homes cosier and more energy-efficient. Here's why: Superior Insulation: Bump interlining is known for its thickness, which provides excellent insulation against the cold. By trapping warm air and preventing drafts, it helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Studies show that 30% of heat is lost through our windows, so choosing interlining can really help with keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Energy Savings: Investing in bump interlining can result in substantial energy savings. You'll find yourself reaching for the thermostat less often, ultimately reducing your heating costs. Elegance and Fullness: Beyond its thermal benefits, bump interlining also adds fullness and opulence to your curtains and blinds, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere and enhancing the drape of your curtains. Year-Round Comfort: While bump interlining shines in the colder months, it's also effective in regulating the temperature during the summer. It helps block out excessive heat, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Expert Advice and Installation Please also bear in mind that interlining does create a heavier curtain so you will need the right track or pole to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the curtain. Choosing the right pole or track and interlining can be a daunting task, but you don't have to go through it alone. Our team at Cornish Curtains is here to provide interior design advice in Falmouth, ensuring you make the best choice for your space. We offer top-notch installation services, so you can trust us with your entire project. Made to Measure Blinds in Cornwall and More While we specialise in custom-made curtains, our offerings extend to made to measure blinds in Cornwall as well. We offer Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds. If you are wanting motorised options for your project we can also do motorised blinds by Luxaflex or motorised tracks for curtains. Whether you prefer curtains, blinds, or a combination of both, we have the perfect solutions to suit your style and budget. In summary, the right interlining can make a world of difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Bump interlining, with its thick thermal properties, is an excellent choice for Falmouth residents looking to stay warm and cozy while keeping heating costs down. The improved drape and fullness of the curtains or blinds adds to the high quality look of the curtains. Visit our Falmouth window treatment store today to explore our wide range of fabrics and interlining options, and let us help you transform your living space into a haven of warmth and beauty.

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